Oppo présente sa charge ultra rapide SuperVooc 240 W, qui permettrait une charge complète en 9 minutes.

On the occasion of the global mobile presentation, Oppo introduced its new fast charging technology and is proud of its ability to reach 240W of power. Full charge in less than 10 minutes possible soon?

Like every year, during the great commuting crowd held in Barcelona, ​​brands fight a tough battle to attract the attention of observers in the sector. Not surprisingly, he is the most innovative person. After being in the spotlight with the Find X5 Pro, Oppo has revealed 240W SuperVooc charging. Although this flagship smartphone is “limited” with 80W charging, the Chinese manufacturer has announced that it can push the current limits of fast charging. In particular, it intends to go further than its rival Xiaomi, which unveiled its 200W HyperCharge last May.
According to the manufacturer, a 240W SuperVooc charging will allow you to go from 0 to 100% in just 9 minutes, based on a 4500mAh battery. A sweet dream that can make eager users more envy.
This is just an ongoing project, and it is not supposed to be shown in the brand’s devices in the coming months.

SuperVooc 150W will arrive this year

Oppo revealed its 150W SuperVooc charging during MWC 2022 in Barcelona.© Ubo

But, on the sidelines of this major innovation, Oppo has introduced the SuperVooc 150W. If it is less impressive, it should provide some comfort to the users. Remember, however, that some high-end smartphones, such as Samsung Galaxy S22 Launched a few weeks ago, the charging power of 45W does not exceed 150W, thus it is a huge step forward and demonstrates the importance that Oppo places on this technology.
The main difficulty for manufacturers is not to allow fast charging, but rather to avoid overheating and thus preserve battery life.

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The first smartphones with 150W charging power are expected to be launched this year. OnePlus could open the ball in the second quarter of 2022, without the company specifying which model could be involved.

Note that Realme, which also belongs to the BBK Electronics conglomerate, should also introduce the UltraDart 150W soon, GT Neo 3 You are likely to be the first to embark on this progress.


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