Cuáles son las ventajas competitivas de las empresas a través de una experiencia Phygital

It has been proven over the past few yearscustomer experience It is an essential part of brand identity. In a context like the current one, which is highly competitive globalized and digitized, this becomes increasingly difficult for brands, which are largely dependent on meeting the expectations of their customers in terms of product/service quality and delivery method, which becomes the real difference The best link generator.

thus, It is necessary to understand and enter To the world of experiments phygitales (abbreviation for physical + digital), a concept born in the twenty-first century that defines the existence of the same person in both the physical and digital world, within a unique comprehensive approach that combines the convenience of Online experience With consumer interaction in a face-to-face point.

more than 4.2 billion active users On social media, according to We are social And Hootsuite Digital 2021, and increasing digital interactions, companies must Turn customer service into a comprehensive relationshipFor, since today chatting, instant messaging and social networks have become the preferred channels of their customers.

a Deloitte study It also reveals that 60% of customers interact with businesses through different communication channels, thanks to the different digital tools available to them, and that these customers expect a consistent user experience.

That good experience It is important in any channel, whether online or offline, but vegetal You can enhance this perception, how? For example, reusing mature technology to facilitate care at the point, physical or digital. This simple procedure can make the experience smoother and the service more flexible.

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And look no further than strategic methodIt is worth considering that the omnichannel approach enables companies to deliver a consistent experience. According to the report Calling customer status From Salesforce, 75% of customers expect to get this across all channels: web, mobile, office, social, and physical. This is also the cornerstone for customers It can expand from one channel to another And you have a comprehensive view of customers and their interaction history, regardless of the channel and have all the information needed to be critical.

some techniques and solutions that can offer competitive advantages in the challenge vegetal These include call center cloud communication platforms that adapt to demand without geographic restrictions, video conferencing to simplify product complexity and advice Real-time or artificial intelligence A conversation to handle customer inquiries where bots provide human experiences.

Although it looks expensive, it is A huge mistake I think for the sake of strategy vegetal If successful, a large amount of capital must be invested or inaccessible technologies implemented. With small details, it is already possible to provide a better consumer experience, for example, to adapt a website for use on mobile phones. Other devices and technologies such as smartphones, Enhanced QR Codes and Artificial Intelligence Not only the connection between the physical and the digital, but also the immersion necessary to maintain customer loyalty.

in a environment vegetal It is necessary to understand the preferences and behaviors of customers, for which it is necessary to take advantage of technologies that can contribute to this process, such as Sixbell text and speech analytics, We are governed by an intelligent and strategic use of our technology to help our customers achieve the “three elements” that their customers, in turn, expect:

  1. Mediation: To ensure that things happen at a particular moment in time.
  2. immersion: The user is part of the experience.
  3. interaction: Communication generation to activate the most physical and emotional part.
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to achieve experience genuinely vegetalThere must be a technology that not only facilitates the introduction of immediacy or immersion, but also allows interaction to and from the physical environment. So, design a strategy vegetal, as another of the lessons that the epidemic leaves us, Means to connect the Internet experience without an Internet connection To provide customers with unique and highly personalized experiences, reusing the development of their call centers and service channels to maximize and digitize the face-to-face journey.

The Today’s Self Service It must be converted into amplified channels and connected to the call center so that it is not only able to use conversation assistants with implementation Gods digital humans, but also step up attention to a video with a professional assistant. Using the capabilities of your call center for this is a reality today.

Written by: Francisco Javier Guerra Bahamondes, Product Manager at Sixbell


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