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G20 Prime Minister Mario Draghi speaks of “success”: “Every word counts, then the goals are gradually achieved.” The last night of negotiations was decisive

Mario Draghi calls it “success”.» It’s the same word they use Biden, Macron and Johnsoncompliment him. Yet he himself, with a profession of modesty and honesty, is the one who describes what It’s also a compromise. But the two concepts of the head of government do not contradict: “You have to start, every word has its significance in international documents, and then gradually arrive. Objectives”.

Finally There is no indication yet of a turning point, but the opposite was strange. Progress should be evaluated And Draghi narrated them one by one: a history 2050 It will not be mandatory, it is indicative, but unprecedented, the result obtained can be framed by the saying “We kept a dream alive”. If the conclusions limits on the climate They all appear at the end of the summitIn the questions of the Italian and foreign media, in the refusal of NGOs that refer to the text “No vision”, and even on the words of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who sees that his “hopes have not been fulfilled”. Even if he is “not buried,” Draghi, however, smiles softly, satisfied, able to state without cutting into words:We made a difference… at least I hope so».

The sincerity of the G20 President is accompanied by the responses he gives himself to think at the end of the summit, Emphasizing the efforts of his staff and the Italian diplomatic corps. First: No one underestimates what we have built full year work“.Second: There was a risk of failure primarily, but ultimately.”Russia and China have moved‘, but ‘only in the past three days,’ and ‘last night’ was a crucial, behind-the-scenes night in which Sherpas in 20 countries risked deadlock, facilitated by a sharp contrast between Washington and Beijing in some passages of the final document.

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That’s also why, behind the scenes that few know, Mario Draghi declares himself “proud” and also explicitly gives a key to interpretation, semi-educational, a very complex puzzle that eventually faded away again. How do you achieve “success”? “We have tried to understand the causes and difficulties of emerging countries.” Conclusion: The west He also put himself in the place of Moscow, Beijing, New Delhi. “When you produce, as in China, half the steel in the world with coal-fired power plants, you have to understand, rapid environmental transformation is not easy at all,” the prime minister stresses. Multilateralism also means a kind of geopolitical sympathyThe Prime Minister clarifies, at least in relation to the historical challenges, adding: To the emerging countries “to every concrete commitment that is obtained, we must also combine the promises”.

Promises is a story yet to be written, but Draghi hinted at it. He talked about that with both Biden and Johnson, there is a system of formation of different interests, it is only the beginning, but it seems to be a path that has been followed: “After the massive interventions of the public sector, the financial availability of different interests has become. The private sector of the transitional environment has extraordinary proportions, we are talking About trillions of dollars, so money is not an issue, we just need to align those interests and make them tangible.” This scenario was not publicly discussed at the G-20, but will be discussed at the climate conference starting today in Glasgow, where Draghi will attend, as co-chair with The British.

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It remains to be emphasized lights personality and patriotism. Everyone admits that he managed the summit with excellent results and great efficiency. He ignores: “Does the power of Italy depend on me? No.” And hints with a smile.

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