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Tragedy in Chile: A 21-year-old girl was exposed to a tiger in a zoo. Catalina Ibarra was the garden cleaner, who was given the task of cleaning the enclosure in front of the tiger cage. However, something went wrong and she saw the big cat jump on it. The “blame” for the attack, however, would be his fellow.

Before the intervention of the 21-year-old in fact One of the zookeepers had forgotten to close the cage tightly. According to the forensic report, Tiger hit and bit the woman on the neck. An investigation was immediately opened to find out who was responsible for what happened. According to the Hulk, none of the tasks assigned to the girl did not involve direct contact with animals. And therefore Cleaning should be done with tiger confinement.

In short, the tragedy would have been caused by human error. In particular, a staff member would have opened the cage forgetting to close it immediately afterwards. It seems, among other things, that many of the guards had this habit. But the problem is that No one would have bothered to alert the young lady To avoid making them take such a big risk. At this moment the tiger has not been killed.

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