Swimmer wins gold in Tokyo: Paralympics winner Krausov has brain tumor

Swimmer wins gold in Tokyo
Paralympics winner Krausov suffers from brain tumor

Joy and sadness can be close to each other. This also applies to young Paralympic athlete Elena Krauso. After winning the gold medal at the Summer Paralympics, she has now been traumatized by a brain tumor. The 27-year-old has to wait a while for a final result.

Paralympics winner Elena Crusoe was diagnosed with a brain tumor during an MRI. The 27-year-old swimmer announced this via her social media channels.

“I’ve had headaches and dizziness since Tokyo,” wrote the Berliner newspaper. After several appointments on vacation, she wanted to explain why and do an MRI. “Friday evening I got an MRI with a contrast agent, and then it became absolutely clear that it was a tumor in the upper left hemisphere,” Krauso said. Last Sunday, she was briefly admitted to the Berlin Charité, followed by a tissue sample on Monday. “Now is the time to wait an excruciatingly long two weeks for all the results,” wrote the winner of the Paralympic Games from Tokyo.

“This news affects us all very much, however we are full of hope that everything will go well,” said the German Paralympic team. “Dear Elena, we are with you with our thoughts and best wishes. Stay strong!” The swimmer has canceled all her appointments until further notice.

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