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Britain’s out of petrol: the problem isn’t a lack of fuel, but motorists rushing into corners (and a lack of truck drivers)

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LONDON – IN Great Britain ran out of petrol. But in fact, this is not the case There is a complete lack of fuelThe problem lies in the rush of hoarding motorists panic.

shortage of truck drivers

It all began last week, when BP and other oil companies announced they would begin rationing supplies to service stations: a dictated procedure. Logistical difficulties caused by the shortage of truck drivers. In practice, it was not possible to get enough tankers to the stations due to the insufficient number of drivers. In Great Britain, more than a hundred thousand truck drivers are missing: many of them are Europeans who have returned home due to the pandemic and bureaucratic difficulties brought about by Brexit.

The race for distributors

Panic erupted over the weekend. Motorists, for fear of running out of gasoline, have break into distributors: Queues of kilometers, fight, tricks to get around the lines. As a result, service stations quickly ran out of stock: most distributors in England ran out of fuel. The government insists that there is something for everyone, it is enough just not to rush to get gasoline: but people do not trust and the snail that has begun seems uncontrollable.

Possible treatments

The most optimistic believe that the crisis will be resolved in a few days: the tanks have a limit, as soon as the drivers fill them, the race to buy will stop on its own. But not everyone thinks so: in fact, the government is considering persuading the army to intervene to put the soldiers at the head of the tankers. Boris Johnson also decided to “violate” Britain’s exit from the European Union And the show Emergency visas for European truck drivers: But it seems too little and too late.

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Sep 28, 2021 (change on Sep 28, 2021 | 15:12)


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