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Twitter has launched a Tor version of its site, the program that protects privacy and avoids censorship, a necessity at a time when the platform has been banned in Russia.

The news was announced by software engineer Alec Moffitt in a tweet he called “the most important”. He revealed that Twitter had considered making a version of Tor available as early as 2014. The launch was delayed to address login problems similar to those that Facebook encountered that same year. The social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg has on average, since 2016, a million people browsing message boards through Tor. Several sites offer versions of Tor, including the search engine DuckDuckGo and newspapers such as the New York Times, BBC, and ProPublica.

“It’s a commitment platform to treat people who use Tor fairly,” Moffitt told The Verge. “Preparing an onion address directed to Twitter is a practical step that demonstrates how the company wants to respond concretely to the needs of people who use privacy software.”

The Tor network has also been added to the Twitter Supported Browsers page. The newly launched version adds multiple layers of protection to the already anonymous browsing experience and is specifically designed for network security. While you can already surf Twitter using the Tor browser, which allows anonymous communication based on the “onion routing” network protocol (literally onion data routing, for unknown layers), the new version has been specifically designed to be fully adapted to the Tor network.

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