Have you ever thought about getting paid while having fun? Games that pay real cash are a dream for many gamers but don’t expect them to make you rich.

You need to find which ones are the best and allow you to earn money through PayPal. You can go through the user reviews.

Some moments of the day call for relaxation, right? Whether you’re looking for live casino online games or apps that pay users to play games, we’re confident you might want to make little extra cash in your relaxation period. This is the promise of some online or downloadable games in app stores.

How Do You Get Cash Playing Games?

Games that give money to play don’t pay much. But you can make some extra money while having fun and transfer that money to PayPal.

The main ways of earning are the game’s digital currencies, and while some games only offer the possibility of converting them into gift cards, other games give real money.

Thus, payment in cash, generally, takes place via PayPal (as we have already mentioned) after an amount is accumulated, when the player is drawn or wins a prize with an online coupon.

Although many people do not believe it, it is possible to earn real money through online games! And, if you also want to make this extra income in your leisure time, you need to know the best options.

Best Games To Earn Money


Platform to play to earn money: Android (19.3k user reviews/Rating: 4.1)

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How to get cash in the game:

  • Bonus for 500 points (equivalent to US$ 0.50) for registering with an affiliate link.
  • Referring new players (10% of the new user’s earnings).
  • Completing the “Offers” of the game, which can be playing, watching videos, etc.

Do you have to pay to use the app? No

Payment method: Accumulate 2500 points and withdraw through PayPal

This app offers rewards in the form of “Pirate Coins,” which are paid to users for performing certain actions such as:

  • Downloading recommended apps
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Completing tasks
  • Inviting friends

In the app, you can find puzzles and war games, for example. Their affiliate program is another way to earn money by referrals, as you receive the equivalent of 10% of earnings from each referred user. And if your ref makes a referral, you can earn an additional 5% of those third party’s earnings.

Make Money

Platform to play to earn money: Android (1.24M User Reviews/ Grade: 4.8) | iOS (429k User Reviews/ Grade: 4.9)

How to get cash in the app/game:

  • 30 welcome points when registering in the app
  • 20 points for daily check-in in the app
  • Rewards with a different score for each task performed, such as games, videos, etc.

Do you have to pay to use the app? No

Payment method: After accumulating the balance, withdrawal is by PayPal.

The runner-up on our list is free and can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

To make extra money with Make Money, you need to test games and applications, giving opinions about products and services, much like online and opinion polls that also give money.

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Platform to play to earn money:     Android (333k user reviews/ Grade: 3.8)

How to get cash in the app/game:

  • 300 points for using another user’s code to register
  • 50 points for email account confirmation
  • 50 points for completing your user profile
  • 10 points for liking appKarma’s Facebook page
  • 5 points for check-in daily
  • Tasks with varied points, from playing games to surveys and opinions.

Do you have to pay to use the app? No

Payment method: Once you’ve accumulated your balance, simply withdraw via PayPal or gift cards on Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Live, PlayStation, Google Play, and more.

This app is free, just like the previous ones, but it’s only available for the Android operating system.

With the same footprint as the previous one, rewards are offered for completing activities within the platform, but you can also earn money by referring new users. In addition, it is worth remembering that the earned amounts can be redeemed via PayPal.


There you have it, these apps that pay you to use them. They also qualify as gaming apps that pay because you can play games on the apps and win some cash too. Thanks for reading!


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