Andre Mangold commented on his Instagram story regarding the alleged opening of his club in Mallorca
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Andrej Mangold commented on his Instagram story about the alleged opening of his club in Mallorca ©

Andre Mangold opened his own club in Mallorca. There were also all the celebrities to celebrate the opening with the former Bachelor. However, many negatively commented on the event – now Andrei Mangold has published his statement about it.

Mallorca – Former Bachelor Andre Mangold fulfilled a big dream by opening his own club “Hello – The Club”. At the end of May, the 35-year-old hosted the club event, which was also attended by all the distinguished guests. Now the TV star has commented on the allegations made against him.

‘Begging for an event because you need to squeeze again’: Andre Mangold hit back after accusations of serving free drinks

Exorbitant prices, one free drink, and many rumors currently circulating in the media world. Notable guests in particular made negative comments about the opening of the former Bachelor’s club – but the 35-year-old does not want to put up with that and is against it. “Obviously it is very important for some people to get media attention. This means that there are also people who are consciously seeking out and taking advantage of the media presence because they seem to need it. I can’t understand how people are really begging their way to an event because eventually they need the press again.”So Andrei.

It has to do with the fact that some high-profile guests have written their names into the menu and “begged” to enter the club’s opening in order to walk the red carpet at the site. Andrei himself said that he invited only friends and media partners. The TV star asks himself, “People beg for this event and then hate it, really?”

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One Free Drink Only: Sam Dylan and Danny Buchner leave Andre Mangold’s party “completely disappointed.”

Andre Mangold did not mention the celebrities who participated in the negative evaluation of the club – but a few days ago two TV stars commented on the opening of the event in Mallorca.

Sam Dylan and Danny Buchner were completely disappointed that there was only one free drink at the club’s opening. An absolute ban on the 31-year-old, as he revealed in his Instagram story. Sources used:


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