There’s just something so alluring about outer space. The eternal question about what’s out there has kept the entire civilization looking up to the sky and contemplating the existence of other worlds, species, and similar wonders we might never get to truly explore.

Our passion for the universe has permeated every area of interest of our species. From art to technology, the cosmos plays an integral role – even in space-themed video slots played by millions of casino players worldwide. Let’s see some of the most appealing traits of space-themed games.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Space is out there, meaning: it’s not something many of us actually get to witness. The unknown has been one of the focal points of our species, as most of our inventions and achievements center around the exploration of something we never knew before. Moreover, past centuries have given us countless examples of a successful exploration – but there’s always something new to discover or learn.

Space is a perfect example of an inexhaustible well of information for curious scientists and fans. We cannot know everything about space mostly because it’s so big, but also because we are yet to craft technology that’s powerful enough to crack all the secrets of the universe. But that doesn’t stop us from guessing, imagining, and predicting!

Space in our games is never depicted in the same way. Some games focus on aliens, others on gems, rocks, and minerals out there, while others create entire fictional universes of characters living on planets existing only in our imagination. Moreover, some games are open to the idea of interplanetary space travel, while others focus on the human psyche thousands of years from now – really, the possibilities are endless.

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You can be whoever you want and do whatever you want – from being a cowboy in space to a Jedi fighting the bad guys and collecting precious gems! The fact that it’s so far removed from our reality makes it a perfect choice for all those looking to escape the mundane daily routine and blast off to galaxies far, far away. It’s more exotic and often combines concepts you wouldn’t otherwise jointly entertain, making it both a fun endeavor and a healthy thought experiment.

Game Categories Abound

Space exploration is not reserved for NASA scientists only. Like Hubble saw a pretty epic clash of three galaxies, you can also glimpse into the wild world of black holes, asteroids, and moons with hundreds of different games. But how do pick what game to play?

Well, we are sorry to inform you that there is no easy way to narrow down a space-themed game collection, as most are intriguing and deserve love regardless of the direction of space exploration presented in it. Luckily, you can search for space games based on their category – and the universe is featured in almost every game category you can think of!

Old-school arcade games were among the first platforms on which we saw space graphics take off. Although arcades were soon replaced by computers – though not completely eradicated – space arcade games were, for many punters, the first place where players got to visit space.

Once computer games took off, we got to see space in a completely different way – better graphics meant more immersion, so they got more realistic with each new release.

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Today, space-themed video games exist across different gaming verticals and sectors, offering viewers (and players) a shot at being astronauts and mingling with aliens, and playing different games. The theme is even popular with online casino games where a number of online slots use aliens, stars, planets, and space as their setting for slot gaming.

Most Popular Space Themed Games of All Time

A true space enthusiast must have tried dozens of space-themed online games, but there is always new content to explore. The game that popularized the entire genre is definitely Space Invaders, a legendary arcade game that started as a cute space game and quickly evolved into a gaming phenomenon.

However, Space Invaders was only the start. With Outer Wilds, Among Us, Starburst, and dozens of other games, the theme grew – along with the appreciation for cosmos exploration and destinations that are literally out of this world. You can find more space-themed games on’s blog as well.


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