Gambling itself is a very fun activity and a favourite hobby of lots of people. It goes back to a very ancient time, for example, the first hints of gambling appeared in the Paleolithic period, in the first millennium BC it was widespread to visit gambling houses in China, and the first famous casino with the name “Ridotto” appeared in Italy in 1638. This activity includes in itself three important components, they are a consideration (the bet size), risk (chance to win), and a prize (the sum which is much bigger than the bet size). Risk, as one of the important elements of gambling, is something people can manipulate with. In fact, from ancient times, there were a lot of options to cheat and many casinos appeared with the only purpose take people’s money with lies and cheating gameplay. However, if gambling was about cheating only, it wouldn’t be so popular nowadays. Read the article to find out what is fair gambling and how to play to be sure in the honest gameplay.

Gambling in 2022

Nowadays, after all the quarantine issues and the popularity of technological advances, gambling in most cases moved to the Internet. Modern life gives us the opportunity to play online any game we like, cooperate with other players and get good winnings with no need to get out of the home. Moreover, with the help of mobile phones and available Internet connection, we can play wherever we are and whenever we want without any limitations. To keep everything under control, many countries make this hobby legible and gambling houses pass the licence and registration process, they pay taxes and provide gamblers with the security of fair gameplay. If the casino is under the control of a respected authority, it is absolutely legible and has all the required taxes, you should not worry that the platform will try to cheat. However, if you notice some casinos that don’t write on their websites the information of their licenses, it is better to avoid these platforms.

Fair Gambling Exists

So, the answer to the question if gambling can be fair is yes. Different land-based casinos have the latest video-watching system and well-trained staff to control every table in the casino. The only game where some kind of cheating or lie is accepted and even welcome is poker. The point of this cool game is that you choose the special tactic and strategy of making bets in the way that your opponent thinks that most of the time you have a very good combination of cards, though it can’t be true. The dealer gives cards in a random order, and it depends on luck what cards you get and what combinations you make eventually, but it depends on skills what winning you get and how many times. Some professional poker players say that the biggest skill of playing poker is to skip the game if the risks are very high, even if you have a cool hand (the card combination). Anyway, this cheating like the way of making bets, your tactics and strategy, is included in the rules of the game and everyone at the table is allowed to choose their own way of playing. That’s why this type of gambling is considered fair too.

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What Is Unfair Gambling

Speaking about gambling there are also at least two sides that take part in the gameplay. Unfair cheating is possible in different ways, depending on the participants’ number in the gameplay. Here is brief information about what the gambling lie looks like according to the sides that take part in the process:

Participants of the Gameplay The Way of Cheating Possible
Casino to Player Many years ago it was true that some casinos have only one purpose, which is to take your money anyhow. As it is a game on the opponent’s field, casinos were more likely to cheat by giving you bad cards or sneak peek of what you have. Nowadays, gambling is turned into a business and that’s cheating is not an issue for casinos anymore.
Player to Casino Some games are possible if there are only two participants like a player and a casino itself. The movies say that some people are so genius that they сan count cards and remember all the combinations that help them to win. We don’t say that this is impossible, it is highly unlikely to be true because even the person with good memory and mathematical skills still gets cards randomly.
Player to Player The most popular way of cheating is between players. It happens if someone hides cards or makes some cards focus. If it is real casino play, the casino would watch everything very carefully to avoid any cheating like that. 

It is funny, that many years ago, the casino gameplay was always connected with some kind of cheating, moreover, the gambling houses themselves were involved in this. Nowadays, a good gambling platform is a warranty of fairness of the gameplay. However, there are still options to get into unfair gambling you should be very careful with.

Popular Gambling Myths

There are some popular myths that could make the gameplay unfair. Fortunately, they are not true and they do not work. Below you will read the detailed information about the myths people could believe in.

Playing At The Nighttime

Some people believe that playing at night increases your chances to win. If it is online gambling, the process happens due to the generator of random numbers. No matter what time you choose for playing, you get your cards absolutely randomly. Moreover, nighttime gambling can have a negative impact on the player. First of all, if the person is used to sleeping at night, forcing himself to stay awake at night makes him less attentive and less focused. It is more likely, that the person also has his own issues during the day and if he could sleep good, his day may be ruined.

Bonuses And Promotions Are the Way of Casino Cheating

Due to the very high competition of casinos online, most of them create their own system of promotions to attract new customers and keep existing ones. Of course, gambling platforms are not generous Santa Clauses, giving presents with waiting for nothing back. These bonuses usually have definite wagering requirements and limitations. All the platforms provide detailed information in the description of the bonuses. Noone tries to cheat with the bonuses, everything you need to do is to read carefully the requirements to make everything clear for you. The best bonuses as usual have low wagering requirements and huge rewards, the best of them can be found here: These bonuses can be used for a safe and fair gambling experience.

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The Data You Provide Can Be Used by Frauds

There is a myth that when you register on the gambling platform and provide the data you have. it can be then used by different frauds to get to your account and steal your money. As has been already mentioned above, the licensed and legal casino sites always have a high-security system, they take care of their own reputation and will not let it happen. However, it is essential for you to check all the information about the casino, you should read all the reviews and feedback that can be found on the internet, analyse the information and choose only the best reliable sites you can trust.

How to Play Fair

Nowadays, online gambling is based on a fair gameplay, as well as it can be also said about land-based casinos. The gambling houses pay taxes and take care of their own reputation that’s why they try to avoid any kinds of cheating possible. However, the world is not a place full of magic, unicorns and love, on the way to your gambling success some difficulties can happen. Here is a list of useful tips for you to choose only fair and honest gambling experience:

  • Know your casino. As it has been already mentioned before, the first that you should do before you start playing is carefully check the platform you like. You can do it by reading the reviews, reading or asking people for feedback, contacting customer support service and surfing the casino site looking for all the important information. When you trust the platform that you chose, you are free to make bets and withdrawals with no fear to be cheated.
  • Don’t be afraid to apply for the bonuses. Bonuses and different promotions are an honest and fair way to increase your winning chances. The main secret of how to cooperate with bonuses is to read carefully all the detail the bonus may have. If you can face all the wagering requirements, then it is the bonus of your choice and don’t hesitate to use it.
  • Practice. Most of the platforms offer not only real-money games but their free modes.These games are not only a cool chance to have fun without any risks, but it is a way to practice and become more skilful. Some people may say that fair gambling is based on luck only, but that is not true. Skilful and experienced gambling is something that deserves respect.
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Casinos Cheating Samples

If you pay no attention to what casino you play with, you can get to an unfair platform that is illegal or not certified. Internet is the place where even such sites can be met. There are some tricks that these sites can do to make people lose more than win. look carefully to know what to be careful with:

  • High wagering requirements. Some casinos may offer enormous bonuses, like 500 free spins welcome bonus or 300% match bonus and so on. Some newbies apply for these promotions, deposit and feel cheated when they can’t withdraw their winnings. If it is an unfair gambling club, it may offer very high wagering requirements to make it almost impossible to the gamblers to meet them. The other option you should know before you apply for the bonus is the time limit it has. It can also influence your chances to cash out your winnings.
  • Low RTP. The most popular and favourite games of many punters are slot games. Among the other information that follows the slot. there is always said about RTP. It is a definite return to the player number which shows theoretically what return the player gets back. For example, if the RTP is 94%, then when you bet with 100 dollars in sum, you get 94 of them back. But be aware that this figure is only theoretical, in truth everything is possible. So, when you choose the slot you want to play, don’t forget to look at the RTP it has, the higher it is, the higher chances for you to win there are.
  • Registration on free play. Some platforms may do a nice and interesting performance on the site, but as soon as you want to play for free, it may appear that the site provides no information about its legibility and licence and there is no access to the free play before you register and provide your personal data. Be careful, before registering on the site like that or finding other places where you can play for free without any registration or downloading required.


So, online gambling and different casino websites are usually focused on fair and honest cooperation with the player. Unfortunately, some clubs may use different tricks to make players gamble and lose. However, going deeper, all the gambling is about taking risks, so choosing a reliable platform that is honest with you is one of them. Playing casino games is based not only on luck but on skills and choosing the fair casino with lucrative bonuses is one of them. If you are well prepared, practised and experienced with all the knowledge this article provides, you are halfway to your unforgettable rewards.


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