Les rappeurs Bigflo et Oli lors d'un concert en 2019

It takes a few seconds, the eye must be very careful, and more … Stade de Reims appears in the latest clip Toulouse rappers Bigflow and Sound’s “Sacre Portal”! This 5 minute 22 video, aired this Tuesday, April 5th, shows the two brothers in a glass cube installed in several French cities.

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After a gap of one year, to return to music, the rappers have chosen to set their cameras on the rhymes. After a four minute video and Just a few secondsWe can clearly see the pictures of the State de Reims against Olympic Lyonnais at the Auguste-Delon Stadium on March 20th.

State de Reams on the “Sacramento Portal” clip of Bigflow and Sound
Sacred Prostitution Clip Screen Capture

At the markings on the edge of the meadow, The makers of the clip wrote some lyrics Sung at the same time by Bigflow: “Les Parties de Monopoly”, “Crying over the Sounds of Johnny”.

For record, State de Reims and Olympique Lyonnais drew 0-0 that day.

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