Stefan Plaza clumsy due to mental disorder,

On Monday, June 7, 2021, Stephane Plaza was a guest of Anne Romanoff on Europe 1 on her show It has been Hassan. Come to talk about his news – he’s the one who just recruited Fabian Karat’s sister in House for sale On the M6 ​​- also male His criticality that he often lacks.

In fact, it is not uncommon to see him stumble, break things, or even get hurt in his real estate programs and in everyday life. Karen Le Marchand’s best friend also confirmed that nothing was overstated. “I’m too clumsy. I broke all my cell phone for example‘, captivated the 50-year-old hostess, revealing to prove it to Anne Romanov – who was expelled from Europe 1- A brand new and already cracked laptop screen.I’m very clumsy but I’m willing (…) I’m Pierre Richard. yI get the impression that there are many things in my head.” !“, he added.

In 2020, he revealed on Instagram that he actually suffers from a mental disorder: dyslexia. “Basically it is Poor communication between the brain and the bodyThe two work very well, but not together!To support his observations, Stephen Plaza referred to the difficulties he could encounter on a daily basis as “Clums, tie laces, organize, tidy up, find your way back in time“Among other things. By trusting without taboos and with humor about this disorder that affects so many people, Stefan Plaza hopes to change the way people view disability.”Disabilities are a form of exclusivity that always highlights many other unexpected qualities “He was also happy to share this point with the biggest stars, like Jean Dujardin, Johnny Hallyday, Steven Spielberg, Albert Einstein and Daniel Radcliffe. And it deserves all the blunders in the world!

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