“Le mystère Henri Pick” on the TV Show for Your Evening on Sunday, October 17, 2021. France 2 invites you to discover this police comedy at 21.05, unpublished, co-written and directed by Remy Besançon. Released in theaters in 2019, the film is based on the novel of the same name by David Foenkinos and published by Gallimard Editions in 2016. “Le mystère Henri Pick” starring Fabrice Luchini and Camille Cotten.

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“Le mystère Henri Pick”: Synopsis, Actor, Trailer


In a strange library in the heart of Brittany, a young editor discovers an unusual manuscript that she immediately decides to publish. The novel became a bestseller. But its author, Henry Beck, a Britonian pizza maker who died two years ago, according to his widow, wouldn’t have written anything other than his shopping lists.

Convinced that this is a fake, a famous literary critic decides to investigate, with the unexpected help of the daughter of the mysterious Henry Peck.


Fabrice Luchini – Jean-Michel Roche

Camille Cotten – Josephine Beck

Alice Issa – Daphne Despero

Bastien Bullion – Frédéric Koska

Josiane Stolro – Madeleine Beck

Astrid Wittall – Inès de Crécy

Mark Fries – Jean-Pierre Jorvik

Marie Kristen Urey – Magali Pink

Florence Muller – Brigitte Roche

Vincent Winterholter – Gérard Despereaux

Annie Mercier – Benedict Le Floch

with exceptional participation

Hanna Shigulla as Ludmila Blavitsky


Here’s a glimpse into this irresistible comedy with the official trailer

“The Mystery of Henri Beck”, an original comedy that will be discovered on Sunday evening on France 2.

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