Did you know that Chicago ranks third among the largest cities in America?

Add the fact that the city is home to over a 2.7million population, and the total economic output of the city totals $770.7 billion sits high on the reasons to move to the windy state. What really does statistics like this mean? It doesn’t matter if the population is high; Chicago residents are on a roller-coaster.

But, the economy isn’t the only cool part of living in Chicago- the district has some of the most incredible architectural works and decades of history in almost every corner of the neighborhood.

Need more practical reasons to move to Chicago? There’s quite a lot of them, some of which includes:

1) Sports

One of the biggest reasons sports fans should move to this metro city is that Chicagoans love sports. In fact, it’s hard to visit a pub house or even stay in an apartment without 95% of the population being sports fanatics. From the MLB baseball league with teams like the White Sox and Chicago Cubs to the basketball, football and even hockey leagues, almost every Chicagoan cheers their favorite teams during a game.

2) Neighborhoods

Want to rent an apartment in a private and peaceful environment? Chicago neighborhoods will never let you down.

The city has about seventy-seven culturally diverse neighborhoods where you can meet people like you no matter your niche. Hipsters can enjoy the vibrant feel of Wicker Park or Humboldt part, Logan Square and even Pilsen. If you prefer a more serene and beachy view, Rogers Park and Lakeview or two suburbs will meet your needs. Talk about the antiques and fashion lovers, and you’ll get a delightful welcome to the home of vintage wear in the city.

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3) Live Music

Did you know that the word “Jazz” has its origin in the windy city?

Live music has its root in Chicago; it’s no wonder to date a place like Chicago Theatre continues to host topnotch and memorable acts like Broadway shows where legendary singers with exquisite voices grace the world with their voices.

If you’re wondering what other places live music thrives in the city, you’ll find historic landmarks like:

  • Lincoln Hall, which is located in Lincoln Park.
  • Thalia Hall.
  • Schubas sited close to the old Schlitz brewery in Lakeview.
  • The Aragon Ballroom was built-in in 1926.
  • The Vic Theatre, a lavish five-story vaudeville house of acoustics situated in the Central Lakeview area.

4) Shopping

Chicago is one of the best shopping zones with hundreds of luxury brands if you love shopping. From Michigan Avenue to the Magnificent Mile, you’ll find any upscale or vintage fashion outlet where you can spend your hard-earned money buying beautiful wear for any occasion.

5) Job Market

As we stated earlier, the city has a good economic status at $770.70billion in 2020. What does this mean for jobseekers? The metro area won’t lack industries for any niche. Some of the top industry leaders in the city include healthcare, tech, insurance and ICT. So, you never have to worry about unemployment rates increasing drastically.

6) Festivals

Love festive occasions; you’ll find various festive occasions from music festivals to country funfairs and remarkable culinary occasions all year round.

Music lovers can enjoy a fun time at the yearly jazz and Lollapalooza festival. For food lovers, Chicago holds the biggest outdoor food festival globally. Taste of Chicago is a food festival that sees more people in a gathering the other festivals, with over a million people joining in the festive events. The city also boasts over thirty culinary festivals, forty film festivals and 400 neighborhood events each year.

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7) Public Transportation

Many states in the US boast of some of the best metro stations. But that’s not all this metro city has to offer. From the famous L train to transport by scooters, bikes and rideshares, the district has a surplus number of transport options that would make it easy to reach your destination on time. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting a car. Bikers will find several fast lanes, parks and trails to accommodate their vehicles.

8) Outdoor Attractions

Another reason to move to Chicago is the numerous outdoor activities you can indulge in. The city has over 8,800 acres that can accommodate any outdoor activity and 570 parks, with the Chicago Park being the largest of all and 31 beaches. So, if you need to run a marathon, you’ll find over 26 miles of sandy space and an 18.5-mile path at Lake Michigan to keep you on track.

Bikers can even enjoy driving through the streets, as the metro city offers more than 2000 miles of bike trails and more than 13,000 parking areas for bikes. Across the Chicagoland area, you’ll even find over 580 bike share stations.

9) History, Arts & Culture A-Plenty

Did you know that the original Ferris wheel, which stood at 264 feet tall, was first built in Chicago in 1893?

You’ll find more of American and the world’s history in the windy city when it comes to history. Culture and arts also thrive in the city. If you’re looking for a place that offers the most breathtaking art collections globally, The Art Institute of Chicago will be the must-see place. For history lovers, Chicago’s History Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Science and Industry and the National Museum of Mexican Art hold so much for you to see. Places like Alder Planetarium, Chicago Cultural Center and Shedd Aquarium also offer amazing cultural pieces.

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10) Dining

Another fact you probably never knew about Chicago was that the tasty treat, Twinkies, was first created in this windy city. This shows that if you’re a foodie, you’ll enjoy diverse culinary waves no matter your neighborhood. You’ll enjoy the district’s signature deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, vegan cuisine, and more!


Living in Chicago is a win-win situation. You’ll enjoy everything from the classy lifestyle to the history, art, culture-filled neighborhoods and exciting outdoor attractions. If you’re considering moving from Boston to Chicago, you’ll want to find the best moving company near you. Visit this site to get a free quote for your move to the windy city.


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