This is the new U21 national coach Antonio de Salvo

The successor to Stephen Kundz has been named coach of the German U21 national team. His name is Antonio de Salvo and previously known only to experts. T-Online introduces former Bundesliga professional.

When Stephen Kunts was looking for a successor as U21 coach many experts speculated about big names. Former national player Christian Vones was traded. The same goes for Haynes Wolf, who has experience in the Bundesliga. Or even world champion Miroslav Klose. It became: Antonio de Salvo.

Kundz’s former assistant moves on to the first link. What surprised outsiders was only a logical consequence for those who knew him and worked with him.

Kunts: “He can do it!”

His predecessor Stephen Kunds spoke in praise of the 42-year-old “Built”: “A great result! I’m happy for Tony. He’s got it!” Titles 2017 and 2021. “

National coach Hansie Flick praised him: “I have known him, his mission and his principles in dealing with players and teams for a long time, and it is always clear that he is capable of leading a team. Salvo was the sports director for U21 in 2016.

De Salvo (born 1979) has Italian roots. He is a trained sports administrator, IST-Game Manager And the first football coach license since 2018. His parents emigrated to Bad Lipsbring in North Rhine-Westphalia from Sicily in 1970. There he started playing football and finally came to FC Bayern via SC Baderborn. During the 2000/01 season, when Oliver Kahn and Co were Champions League winners, de Salvo played six professional games. So he can also call himself a Champions League winner.

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De Salvo: “Keep track of my own style”

The 1.83-meter-high striker was denied a major sporting career. Also due to some injuries. He still kicked Hansa Rostock and 1860 in Munich, and had a total of 100 games in the Bundesliga (17 goals). In 2010 he ended his active career at Kaufenberger SV in Austria to join as a youth coach in Bavaria. He has been with the DFB since 2013, where he has earned an excellent reputation.

He just wants to make sure he’s the boss now. He brought the experienced Herman Kerland to his side. In his introduction, de Salvo said: “I want to continue on the track with my own style. I hope we continue to succeed.” So it will no longer be a surprise when one day De Salvo takes over as head coach.


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