Bernard Montell trapped: his supposed hidden daughter arrives on the set of TPMP

The lunar sequence for Monday, March 14 at TPMP. A young woman named Karen landed on the set claiming to be the daughter of Bernard Montell. At first Bernard Montell was very uncomfortable, and he was relieved to discover it was a joke.

Great shot by Bernard Montell! On this Monday, Cyril Hanoun brings a mysterious young woman named Karen to the set. Then, columnists had to ask her questions as to why she was on the show, until Kelly put her finger on the young woman’s supposed identity. “It is believed to be someone found on Twitter claiming to be the daughter of Bernard MontellIn fact, on March 13, a surfer popped up by calling Bernard Montell “Baba“On the social network. After paraphrasing by other users, who accused her of wanting to make a fuss, the mysterious young woman was formalized by the main interested party, very upset.”Stop your delusions! I am not your father! or permanently block you‘, fired by Bernard Montell, repackaged. This Monday, at TPMP, a columnist thinks he’s dealing with his alleged famous daughter, is live on TV.The story is my mother, the story is you”The young woman launches. Then he continues, revealing the identity of his mother:It’s beautiful. In 1992, Video Gag, Production Assistance”And the Reveal the face of a stunned group. “It seemed like it was brief, but there recently, I had a toddler, so I needed more information (…) and here I am.”

Bernard Montell: “I think I’ll feel unwell”

“It is not possible‘, restores Bernard Montell.I feel it affects you. Me, it bothers me compared to you because it’s wrong. Faced with the startled Bernard Montell, Karen then decides to add a layer of it by revealing that she called her son Bernard, before reading an emotional letter. The columnist was finally relieved to learn that this was all just a bad joke on the part of Cyril Hanoun.And that the young woman was indeed an actress named Sarah. “I think I will feel unwell‘,” Bernard Montell released, heavily influenced by the sequence.

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