Serie A - Sampdoria - AC Milan: Oliver Crowd, already at home

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But we can already say that the French striker, who celebrates his 35th birthday in September, is already exactly aligned with his new Milanese reality. “It’s like he’s been here for years“One of the leaders of the Lombard club, Chelsea’s former striker’s service has been linked with a million euros, another bonus, to Champions League qualification and the number of matches played.

After almost a decade across the channel, Crowd decided to try the Italian adventure. He has not been on the Inter side, which has been very close in recent times, but is actually looking for an attacking reinforcement to replace Mario Mandzukic, who left AC Milan after six months of experience of defeat. Experience, Guarantees, Mood: Milanese leaders who are natives of Chamberlain had all the qualities they wanted. “I want to be a big brother, bring my experience and my valuesHe agreed at a press conference in early August. I’ve won a lot in the past, but I want to do it with Milan. “In a team where the average age has dropped significantly in recent seasons, the crowd should show the way, along with other executives such as Sierra Gazer, Alessio Romagnoli, Alessandro Florence (arrived Friday) and of course a particular Sloton.”

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Ibrahimovic will return with Milan scheduled for mid-September

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An Ibra-Grut tandem is expected

On paper, the French international comes in a super sub skin. But the truth is a little different. The Swedish giant is recovering from a long knee injury that even required an arthroscopy at the end of June. If a season extension is signed, the physical condition of the former PSG striker remains unknown. Can he regain his position after this new stop? Sladen missed half of his league games last season. Milanese coach Stefano Pioli frequently replaced him with Rafael Leo or Andre Repic on the axis. Since Giroud is on his team, he should not have this problem anymore. On Monday, facing Sampdoria, he will be the only one to be aligned at the forefront of the attack.

Ibrahimovic must regain his place as soon as he returns to his feet. What about sending the grout back to the bench? “Of course not, the connection between the two cannot be ruled out,” said Antonio Vitello, a Totosport journalist and AC Milan follower. La Gazette was renamed “Eyebrow by Dello Sport” during the last friendly against Panathinaikos. If the No. 10 is not appointed, especially since Hurgan moved to replace Calhanoklu, the two-point system would be more than an idea. Is difficult to do.

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For his part, Giroud will have no problem playing with Sloton. “Playing with great players like “Ibra” is always funHe ruled during his presentation press conference. It is not difficult to deal with such players on the field. I have already spoken to him to find out how his injury is progressing. I am ready to play with Sloton. “

Already decisive

When he arrived in Milan, the Frenchman did what he could: score. One goal against Nice, two goals against Pana: The world champion hurried to make his mark on the field during the summer preparations. “He started out very strong, in the rated Luca Tony Tuesday columns The Gazette dello Sport. Giroud helps the team a lot. You will see that he also refers to his teammates. I believe he will cross 10 goals this season. “Behind the scenes, his adaptation was also evident. After the last meeting against the Greek club, he answered some questions in Italian.”He is a great striker and a great inspiration to us, Simon Care told Courier Della Cera on Thursday. He has experience, desire and knows how to beat him. He will be useful to us in the Champions League. “

5th best rate in Europe, goals in spots: Why doesn’t Chelsea trust Grout so much?

The crowd is properly integrated into the locker room, Confirms Antonio Vitello. All of his fellow players are unconscious. He already knew how to say some words in Italian, and he did not hesitate to make fun of everyone. He’s the most accessible person, even journalists with us, which doesn’t apply to all players. I think he is a very important rookie for Milan, beyond the technical aspect. He is a player with a great personality and character. Everyone in Milan is talking about a positive person. “

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Time to play the blues?

With his new club, Alvier Giroud will certainly have more playing time with Chelsea than he has suffered in recent seasons. Ibrahimovic or not. The next highest scorer in the history of the French team, Thierry Henry (51 goals) in the coming months, after seven years of a long ban in AC Milan, the Champions League. But he still has a chance.

In his interview Team On Friday, Didier Deschamps never hesitated to slap the fingers of a player who had always been thick and thin. “I was honest and outspoken. The condition of his club worsened. What he did, I know very well (…) Oliver, it was in 2018, but today we are in 2021, I did not come here to guarantee“He dropped Blues’ boss, who will be releasing the shortlist for the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in early September 26. It would be almost surprising to see Crowd’s name after this exit.

If his absence certainly affects him, the former Montpellier striker will try to respond on the ground. He has often done that with critics. “I’m still very motivated, you can only keep your body if you have it, He promised at the press conference. It’s all about the mind, and that makes you understand how far you can go with your body. Little-aged Ibrahimovic can testify to this. Signing here does not retaliate against critics. But I want to continue to give as much as I can for Milan and football. I can tell you that Bobby Groove is still here. “The nickname (s) will never be stingy, Transpline Press can quickly rename it” Nono “(grandfather, author reference in Italian) Giroud.

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Waiting “with open arms” for Inzaki and Inter Ericsson

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