Chrome wants to show you coupons while you shop online so you can save money

With similar functionality to Honey extension, Chrome will offer you discount coupons so that all your online shopping is much cheaper.

We all love to make purchases online, they are comfortable, we have all the stores with one click and we can easily pay with PayPal or with our credit card, and if you use Google browser, you will get it much easier pour économiser.

And it looks like Google wants to help you while you’re using Chrome, so you can find the best discounts on the products you have in your cart, when possible.

From Chrome Story, they find out that Google is working on a job Allowing Chrome to automatically search for discount coupons when you shop online at different stores.

If the corresponding discount is present, A notification will appear with the coupon description and discount percentage for the items we purchase.

This feature is very similar to the Honey extension thanks to its ability to quickly get discount codes while browsing. If this feature is familiar to you, it has already been implemented in other competing browsers such as Microsoft Edge.

This is very important because this is not the first time you have bought online and through ignorance you have not been able to apply a discount voucher. If we enable the feature, which can be configured, we may end up saving a lot.

The funny thing about this new feature is that it’s not yet available in Chrome Canary, where experimental features usually appear before they’re rolled out to Chrome beta and stable channels. This way, it should not be included in a future version of Chrome.

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