Unplug My Book Live if you don't want to lose any data!

Users of My Book Live or My Book Live Duo, Western Digital NAS, must immediately disconnect them from their Internet. Numerous testimonies indicate concern about data loss.

Many My Book Live NAS users are panicked, finding them confused as their data disappears from their connected storage containers. They are not at all wrong about this very serious error, the problem is elsewhere. WD explained that the data loss was the result of malware that affected ” Some My Book Live devices » According to the manufacturer.

worrying data loss

In some cases, this error causes a factory restore that erases all data stored on the device, says WD, adding: My Book Live devices received the latest firmware update in 2015 The manufacturer recommends cutting off Internet access for these boxes. A tip to follow without delay, knowing that Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are often used for backup and that they can be stored there for years.

Some users did not have the right to restore factory data, but they encounter a page that asks for a password that they do not know, which indicates hacking. In other cases, affected people explain that the data is missing but not its structure, which shows only empty folders (or no folders at all).

WD is investigating the matter and will contact you in the coming days once the manufacturer finds a solution. Affected users would like the company to offer them a free data recovery service, but WD is currently focusing on the root cause. This story highlights the need to organize backups on an offline disk.

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