On the occasion of the TV movie He. She On TF1, on Monday, November 1, the lead actress, Andrea Foret, gave an interview to Parisian And she’s back in her own transitional phase.

This Monday, November 1 in the evening, TF1 . broadcasts TV movie He. She Which tells the story of Julian, a teenager who feels like a girl and wants to change his gender. For this realistic fantasy, Transgender actress Andrea Foret, who plays the main role, somehow reclaims her life. interview by ParisianOn Sunday, October 31, the 19-year-old spoke about her transition and the fact that she was able to count on the support of her relatives.

“I was so lucky. My family, friends, relatives…everyone supported me. At worst, people didn’t care. They were like, ‘If she’s happy, it’s her life.'” She does what she wants.I explained to our colleagues, acknowledging my regret “Unfortunately this is not the case for everyone.” Early in her life, Andrea Foret wondered who she was, before realizing, as a teenager, that she was a girl stuck in a boy’s body. “I’ve always been that little kid who asks himself questions, notices the world around him, and looks at what’s going on around him. I felt that there was this difference within me, this uniqueness, but everything was not yet clear in my head, ” The actress who was then said “Content to move forward, to do [s]We’re on our way, we keep growing.” until now He started putting words on what[elle] Feeling[t]About 14 or 15 years old.”

A young transgender woman “accompanied” by her family

If your TF1 TV character dared to go to college in a dress, that wasn’t the case for Andrea Foret, who also had a fairly classic education. “I had friends, I went to class, I was a good student”, she said, however, explaining that she had said to herself that one day she had to cross the threshold of presenting herself as she really is. Furthermore it, It was for her mother that she decided to talk about it first, Before he put his father and two older brothers in trust. It was well surrounded “accompanied” by them during its transmission. Now the actress hopes so He. She “Helping transgender children who are still looking for themselves and who are bad about themselves”, But also their parents.

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