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« There it is over! Laurent had to say goodbye. 12 noon shots This Friday, March 25th, after 72 posts. Even if everything stops, the champion can boast of not only an impressive prize pool, which is 310,607 euros, but also winning three mysterious stars, achieving 20 “main hits” during the penultimate round of the game. This beautiful course allowed him to reach the fourteenth place (out of 40), in the Masters’ standings in the afternoon, as the Télé-Loisirs reminded. The same magazine captivated the former candidate after his defeat, only to return to his deep regret over the competition. ” does nothing. I would have preferred to lose the ‘Killing Blow’ time
’” he said, when he was eliminated during a “blow-by-blow” event. Noting that his opponents had turned orange, the philosophy professor lowered his guard visibly: ” I thought to myself I was calm… Only here, he himself fell into the subjects that earned him a red pass. Then he decided to propose a duel to Murat, and the latter won.

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However, it wasn’t all over for Laurent, as he would definitely be able to take revenge during the “Battle of the Lords”. ” We talked about it with Yohann who takes care of Maîtres de midi. He told me it was a moment of friendship and celebration, it’s like a small family. confirmed. But don’t expect to see it in other TV games any time soon, whether it’s still on France 2, France 3 or TF1:” I don’t have that appetite at the moment. Viewers, on the other hand, will be able to see him again on Saturday, March 26, when he returns to the set of ’12 Coups de midi’, in order to retrieve his giant token check. The 46-year-old also revealed to our colleagues that he intends to use part of the his earnings to move his daughter to New York, after a long-standing promise. As for the rest, he says he wants to focus on writing: “As I write a little, I tell myself I’d like to relate this experience in the light of philosophers.” Not for specialists, but for educating the general public about philosophy. This is something that will be close to my heart. I testify about my experience, using philosophers to make sense of it all. “My dream, for a very long time, is to embody James Bond, and I am ready to take on the job from Daniel Craig,” he said at last with a touch of humor, arguing that it would be possible, if the show were broadcast “worldwide.”

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