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Rush lawyer eva kylie

The Greek lawyer protested, “They wanted to pressure him into confessing.” The meeting between Kylie and her daughter – who also has a father, Francesco Giorgi, in Qatargate Prison – It happened on the eve of a week which, at the level of MEPs, could bring some news.

Qatar and Morocco, Investigations into Interference in the European Union

On Tuesday, Qatargate will be dealt with by the European Parliament’s Special Committee, set up specifically with a mandate to deal with foreign interference in the European Union. So far, Russia and China have been primarily the subject of scrutiny by the committee headed by the socialist Rafael Glucksmann. On Tuesday, at a meeting between the body’s coordinators (each representing a group in the European Parliament) the possible interference of Qatar and Morocco in Eurochamber’s activities will be concluded.

Mistula and lobbying the EU lobbyists

But on Thursday, Roberta Metsola will indeed begin the first step in pressing lobbies that have been made public in the wake of the scandal. The President of the Eurochamber will present the first draft of the procedure to the leaders of the European Parliament group. The paths on which you intend to move are different. These range from greater protection for whistleblowers to blocking access to Eurochamber areas for lobbyists who are not on the Transparency Registry. Trips and meetings of MEPs with representatives of third countries must also be accurately publicized and documented, and close monitoring will be put in place for former MEPs who continue their careers in Brussels and Strasbourg as lobbyists.

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upcoming sessions

How was that Antonio Panziri, who so far appears to be the mastermind of the bribery network that engulfed the European Union Parliament. Panzeri, like Giorgi and Niccolò Figà-Talamanca, is awaiting a new hearing in the coming days. On January 22, a Brussels court will review Kylie’s application for pre-trial detention.

Visit Kylie and her daughter in prison with her grandfather

Today, however, the Greek was able to see her daughter for three hours. Shortly after four o’clock in the evening, the little girl arrived by taxi at the entrance to the prison. She was accompanied by her grandfather, who was also arrested in the frantic early hours of Qatargate with a suitcase full of cash, but released after a few days. He explained in an interview with him: “It is a meeting that will somehow ease the pain of his unjust detention.” Corriere della Sera Greek socialist lawyer. Confirming his absolute absence from the facts.


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