The Russian commanders asked: “Up to 150 thousand rubles for the return of the corpses to the families of the soldiers.”  Crimea SOS report

the Russian leaders They ask for money in families affiliate Soldiers It fell from He flies In exchange for the release of the bodies of their loved ones. This is what a Ukrainian NGO says, Crimean SOSwhich made the report on the behavior of the military public.

The latter usually transport the bodies of dead soldiers to the morgue of Simferopol, the second largest city in Crimea, which is occupied by the Russians, and inform the relatives of the victims that the bodies of their relatives will remain at the front and ask for payment of about 100-150 thousand rubles (equivalent to 980-1,470 euros) to restore it.

Crimea SOS claims that the request for payment is justified by claiming the risk of transfer and return to the battlefields, otherwise it would not be an immediate process.

until the The New York Times You mentioned additional testimony supporting this scenario.

In several cases – the newspaper claims – soldiers were ordered not to recover the bodies of their fallen comrades on the battlefield: in this way the Russians could be declared “Dispersed” instead of “He fell“And thus avoid paying compensation to the families. One of the soldiers said: “There were bodies everywhere, but no one bothered to pull them out for that reason.”

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