NASA creates a message for aliens, find out what it says
NASA plans to send information from humans to contact aliens / Image: Getty Images

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)NASA), across the Jet Propulsion LaboratoryInsist on searching and contacting Extraterrestrial life They can live in it Milky Wayso he created a file Message On binary code.

An international team of researchers led by Jonathan Jiang The NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Publish a document to a prepress server Describes in detail a new design for a letter addressed to foreign recipients.

The 13-page letter developed by NASAknown asbeacon in galaxy‘, pretending so Basic Introduction To the main branches of human knowledge how Mathematics, chemistry and biology.

The design was motivated by Maximum delivery of Information about our society and the human race In minimal messages

Jonathan Jiang

How will the message be sent?

researchers NASA Include a detailed plan for the best time of the year to deliver the message and proposal A dense ring of stars near the center of our galaxy as a promising destination.

The stream will also have a newly designed return address that will help any curious listener identify it Our location in the galaxy So we hope they start interstellar conversation.

The new alien message appears as part of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1974 Arecibo Message / Photo: Getty Images

How to make aliens understand the message of NASA?

Any interstellar message must address two issues: What do I say and how do I say it. Almost every message humans have sent into space so far begins with establishing common ground with it Basic lesson in science and mathematicstwo cases supposed They are familiar to us and to foreigners.

“Binary is the simplest form of mathematics, because it only indicates two opposite states: zero and one, yes or no, white or black, a block or an empty space. Therefore, the transmission of the code as binary is likely to be understandable for all ETIs and is the basis of the BITG (binary) message. “

Jonathan Jiang

Jiang and his colleagues suggest sending their letter from Allen Telescope Set in the north California or who 500m spherical radio telescope (quickly) On China. None of these telescopes have the ability to transmit messages in binary code.

In the scientific community There are conflicting opinions for and against the version space letters with the intent to enter into contact with extraterrestrial intelligence; However, in NASA They are in favor of the search strange life as far as possible.

“Arguments against continuity of communication have been explored, however, logic suggests that a species that achieved sufficient complexity to achieve communication across the universe was also very likely to have achieved High levels of cooperation between them So you will know The importance of peace and cooperation

Jonathan Jiang

Jiang and his colleagues realize this danger, but in the end they think that it is any danger alien able to decode the message “Beacon in the Galaxy” (BITG) It may not be a file aggressive conqueror.

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