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Google Chrome has just received a major update on iOS with version 92 that provides, among other things, full screenshots of a web page as well as securing its browsing tabs by biometrics. enough to attract a few additional users,

Google Chrome is full of new features

With the new Chrome update on the App Store, you can now take a screenshot of an entire web page. After taking the initial capture, look for the “Full Page” option at the top of Apple’s screen capture editor, just as you would with Safari.

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Another notable change, Google is offering to enhance the security of your browsing tabs with Touch ID, Face ID, or a secret code. These tabs will then remain hidden in the Chrome app until you confirm your identity. To enable this feature, go to Settings > Privacy > Lock private browsing tabs when Chrome is closed. Good idea for Parano 😜.

Finally, the Mountain View company also added the following new features:

  • New Discover interface on New Tab pages to more easily explore your areas of interest.
  • Chrome will now ask you to confirm if you are trying to close all of your tabs from the tab picker.
  • Visual fix for ‘Settings’, ‘History’ and ‘Favorites’ sections.
  • It is possible to share individual tabs and add them to favorites or to your playlist from the tab selector. Long press on any tab in the tab selector to bring up a list of these options.

This should please Chrome fans. Remember that many alternative browsers are on the App Store, some call for more security than others like DuckDuckGo and of course Safari which has been further enhanced with iOS 15.

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