Twitter Blue, Twitter's paid service, reportedly costs $ 3 per month

In early May, Twitter mentioned the arrival of a subscription offer when announcing the acquisition of the Scroll ad blocker. according to
Jin Manchun WongFinder for new features in apps, this paid subscription will be called Twitter Blue and it will cost $ 3 per month. She said the service could have a tiered pricing model, as users who pay more get more features. Among the options is the ability to create groups of favorite Tweets that you can find later.

It is unclear when the Twitter subscription service will be launched, but the social network has tested features like canceling tweets, the paid version of Tweetdeck as well.
Super followed, Allowing you to follow a creator or publisher for a monthly subscription and access to exclusive content. Finally, there is the scrolling technology, which can provide Twitter users to read tweets without ads.

Article by adapted from CNETFrance

Photo: James Martin / Cnet

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