Hubble has been stuck in

NASA has announced that Hubble is stuck in Safe Mode, they are trying to fix it remotely but they don’t know where the problem is coming from.

If nothing is broken in the scientific instruments and they are still technically working, Hubble has been in a “safe” mode since October 25, making it impossible for remote control to be able to point the telescope in an accurate direction. NASA is trying everything in its power to regain control, even recently re-releasing a file The tool has not been used since 2010 to try to find the source of the problem.

To get around the problem?

NASA also explains In his press release, who – which Without synchronization messages, Hubble’s instruments cannot respond accurately to data requests and commands. In a recent update, they made it clear that they are particularly interested in employment control unit circuits, which produces synchronization messages and delivers them to Hubble devices.

While trying to solve the problem, NASA teams are trying to find a fork in the way The solution And take back control of a telescope that regularly gives us incredible images, like a cosmic dance recently between two spiral galaxies ready to unite.

But do not fear Hubble, Any suggested workaround will be tested first On simulators on Earth To make sure the idea works and is safe.

Revive a tool that hasn’t been used for 10 years to try to understand

The latest attempt to regain some semblance of control was to revive an item that has been no longer useful since 2010: The Near infrared camera and multi-object spectrophotometer (NICMOS), has since been replaced by 3 . wide field camera.

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With NICMOS restarted, the team is able to collect data, including measuring the potential recurrence of the problem. Effectively helps in tracking lost messages in the system. According to NASA, no sync message has been lost since NICMOS was activated.

Scientists are always looking for a repetition of a problem that they will not be able to solve without more information. specialists”Proceed with caution to ensure the safety of the equipment and avoid additional stress on the equipmentNASA said.


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