According to his father, Alan Bompard, the former club president, Alexander Bompard, president of Carrefour, would be interested in heading ASSE. (© Wikimedia Commons)

He was born in Saint-Etienne, and Carrefour CEO Alexander Bombard He might consider taking over the city’s legendary soccer club, ASSE. Trust does not come from just anyone as it was his father, Alan Bombard, the former club president between 1997 and 2004, who made it to the specialist site. Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

In this very long interview, he explained that in addition to taking over the club’s presidency to partially impress his son: “At that time, the team was the last of D2, there were 43 million francs of opponents, he says. I took a huge risk of hiring myself to try to prove to my son. Who passed the ENA test that his dumb dad wasn’t completely over and he was capable of delivering a big hit!

“Alexander is the most sincere Stefano!”

He has returned on several occasions to the closeness maintained by both, the neighbors in Lobion and their passion for him the hub Who watch their matches together sometimes. “ His lifelong club from the age of 6-7 is Saint-Etienne […] It really is pure stefano! “Alan Bombard says of his son Alexander.

And when a journalist asks him if his son can in turn preside over the club’s fortunes, here’s his answer: “It’s at the back of his mind!” It exists! He spent the best years of his life with me on Saint-Etienne ! What we experienced with father and son, together, with three exceptional partners, was amazing! “

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Alan Bombard is convinced he will become a good coach for the club: “I’m sure he will succeed! Compared to me, he’s got financial networks! He knows all of the CAC40 heads! It’s an advantage.”

“He received dozens of messages from his supporters.”

And to read it on, he’s not the only person wanting to see it Alexander Bombard At the helm of ASSE: “He explained to me that he had received dozens and dozens of letters from Stefanua asking him to take over the club’s management!”

Among other memories, Alain Bompard conjures up maintenance in D2 thanks to a Le Mans goal against Louhans condemning the latter to relegation instead of ASSE: “Alexander was a few rows away from me at Lille Stadium, he came running, broke his mouth and fell on me saying ‘Dad, Dad, he survived!


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