After the controversy, McCree's character will be renamed

This is via a tweet published by the official account ofNote and watch that Blizzard made its announcement. A letter mentioning how well the company is working to create a space of inclusivity and tolerance, which serves as a precursor to many important announcements.

First, that blizzard” He believes there is a need to change the name of the hero, currently known as McCree, to something that better represents what Overwatch seeks to defend and represent.. “Fate reminds of Alex Afrasiabe’s fate, he also thanked the company for related reasons, which his NPC shares in world of cans It has been renamed.

Second, because Macri would have an important role in the next narrative arc that Blizzard was preparing to publish in September, the studio says it wants to take the time to rethink its script. So this new story is delayed to Later this year Players will receive a new Deathmatch mode card as compensation.

Finally, Blizzard announces that it will not give the names of some of its developers to fictional characters in the future. It is a decision that will help him, he believes, to distinguish between reality and the imaginary worlds that he imagines. Also the opportunity to emphasize that game development is a collective affair, certainly not a one-person affair.

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