This is why the new PS5 version is lighter and hotter

Playstation 5: The new PS5 version is lighter, but maybe not as great either. (Photo: Mohsen Waziri/Shutterstock)

A new version of Playstation 5 was released last week. This PS5 is 300g lighter now. However, the weight loss comes at the expense of the cooling capacity.

Last week, a new version of Playstation 5 debuted in Australia, and then also in the United States and Japan. The main difference between the new PS5 and its predecessor is its weight – it weighs 300 grams less. In the digital version without a physical drive, it is now 3.6 kg instead of 3.9 kg. As already expected, Sony has obviously lowered its CPU and GPU heat sinks to lose weight.

The new PS5 version is up to 5 degrees warmer

Austin Evans of California got a hold of one of the new PS5s from Japan – a CFI-1100B model – and took a look inside the console. included DiscoverOn the other hand, the built-in heat sink is much smaller than the original PS5.

A direct temperature comparison, according to Evans, showed that the new Playstation 5 version was three to five degrees Celsius warmer than the old version. The fan was also changed a bit, but that didn’t make a difference in weight.

Critics: Inside, who said the console’s overheating could also mean the new heat sink simply worked more efficiently, Evans responded that Sony made the heat sink noticeably smaller. The missing hardware parts will ensure that the new console version doesn’t dissipate heat as efficiently as the previous version.

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Playstation 5 will probably be cheaper to build for Sony

Youtuber wrap up: Sony has also made minor changes to the WLAN card and antennas. The stand has also been improved. However, the updated PS5 version appears to be cheaper to produce, despite the cooling performance being much lower.

At least for now, says Evans, the original PS5 seems to be the best console. Only more detailed comparison tests will show how the two console versions perform differently.

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