With the month of May comes more and more ads from different publishers. As all eyes turn to the June period, and of course the Xbox Game Show and Bethesda, publishers continue to announce new titles. This is for example the case of THQ and KITE Games studio, with the brave.

Medieval RTS

the brave It will follow up on the story of the former crusader Theodoric Ackenberg. He would have to take up arms again to prevent his former comrade in arms from getting his hands on a powerful artifact. The expedition will take us to Europe and the Middle East in the thirteenth century through fifteen missions. It will contain cinematic scenes, narrative records, and other items not yet released by the publisher.

This RTS is based on a squad system made up of different units. There will also be a heroic squad system, where skill trees unlock new abilities. It will also be possible to collect weapons and armor during the campaign, with stats that allow you to increase your abilities in combat.

the brave It will not be a single player game. the mood Until the last one You will offer to play with other players and fight hordes of enemies. Player versus player modes in 1V1 and 2V2 are also there for those who prefer competition. The application system for specific rewards will be integrated.

The game will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series, Playstation, and PC. The publisher has not yet announced a release date. You can check out the title announcement announcement below:

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