LEGO Forest Hideout (40567) is now available as a free gift!
LEGO Jungle Hideout 40567

Update (1:15 am): LEGO Hideout in the Forest (40567) is still a free gift in your cart LEGO Onlineshop Show But it works for many. Since 1:00 sharp is too The product page of the LEGO online store Created and confirmed the value that LEGO assigns to GWP: this is €24.99.

We also have Now we are sure of two things:

  • Don’t give LEGO any goodwill! Minimum €150 must be reachedorder Lego Forge Ideas (21325) For example, only 149.99 euros is not enough. I still need a stuffing element
  • Use Choose a Labneh It is possible to get GWP! According to the terms of the offer, this is not possible, but it still works!

It is also certain that for regular orders over 150 euros, the free gift is already included in the order confirmation, even if it is not shown in the shopping cart. Several readers have confirmed this to us in the comments.

We will keep you posted once the free gift is also shown in the cart and clarify the two points that are still not clear as soon as possible!

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Update (12:36 a.m.): Even if GWP does not appear in their cart, several readers reported that it is displayed in the order confirmation! So false is a pure in-store offer and therefore true in the order confirmation.

However, you must wait if you intend to use the shopping cart Choose order bricks Fill in, or just for example Lego Forge Ideas (21325) €149.99, which is 0.01 € less than the minimum order value. We can’t say for sure if this will work!

Update (12:01 am): Work started! From now on, your order must include LEGO Forest Hideout (40567) as a free gift! the event Advertised in the LEGO Online Store Accordingly, you are entitled to a GWP, even if it does not appear in your cart at the moment.

If you want to be on the safe side and don’t want to contact LEGO customer service, you can probably wait until 1:00am – the set may not appear in your cart until then, as this is the campaign start time in England. We will carry a fortress for you and send you another castle Pushnachricht per telegram Get out as soon as it starts!

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original post: Tonight at midnight, a new freebie will be launched with the name Working in the LEGO Online Store, which will probably be one of the most popular games in recent memory (or at all): LEGO 40567 Forest Hideout, a reimagining of the popular LEGO Forestmen set from the 1980s. We want to give you all the details, pictures and some shopping tips here.

Work begins It is expected at 12:00 am tonightso um midnight. It can be assumed that this is due to high demand Virtual queues I LEGO Onlineshop It will form – but you can usually get over it with about 10 minutes of patience and then make your purchase. To get LEGO 40567 Forest Hideout as a free gift, you must have Minimum purchase value 150 EUR Reach. According to official information, the campaign period starts from From June 15 to June 22 2022 And like always Only while supplies run out – However, there could be another period. More on that below in the article.

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Top Shopping Tips

Since we’re still working on our extensive list of current shopping tips, we’d first like to list what we think are the most interesting sets and new products worth ordering to get LEGO Forest Hideout (40567) as a free gift. Above all, the exclusive innovations of the past few months are of course interesting, and we will also expand the list:

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Pictures and official information

There are now official images of the “forest lair”, as the group is called in English. These photos now also show the front and back of the box in the best resolution, and among other things, finally clarify the last doubts about the shields with the Forstmen logo: these are clearly printed, so that the whole set works no stickers are required.

LEGO Other 40567 Forest Hideout 2

The back of the box shows us the official measurements of the set, which are in 19 cm wide and 21 cm high recumbent. This also ensures that the set can be opened and closed so that it can stand on the shelf as a purely decorative object or be turned on from the inside.

LEGO Other 40567 Forest Hideout 3

The high-resolution image of the side view shows us the miniature figures and the hiding place, half closed and open.

LEGO Other 40567 Forest Hideout 1

We have compiled all the information about the group for you here:

  • Collection number: 40567
  • German name: hidden in the woods
  • English name: Forest Hideout
  • Yours: 258
  • Mini Shapes: 2
  • Minimum purchase value: 150 EUR
  • Offer period: June 15, 2022 to June 22, 2022

The “value” of the set that LEGO has assigned to the German-speaking region has yet to be determined. This is included in Australia 39.99 Australian dollars, which is equivalent to 26.38 euros. We expect LEGO to assign a value between €19.99 and €24.99 for the set in this country.

Compared to the original

“Hideaway place in the woods” brings back the forest, who in Germany at that time also bears the name Robin Hood been marketed. The free gift is based on the old set with lot number 6054, which went on sale in 1988 under the name Forestmans Hideout and has become a true classic. The new GWP captures many details from the original set: target, shield, blue roof, barrel for gold coins and more.

Choose a brick that is calculated against the purchase value

One of the questions that arose around the initial announcement of the freebie was how LEGO Pick a Brick orders count toward the minimum purchase value – this has been excluded in the current LEGO Shop at Home catalog. We now have good news for you in this regard: it currently looks like a file Order at Pick a Brick Service It will be possible to reach the minimum purchase value or fill the shopping cart.

Many thanks to our reader, Grishiwho explained to us that an Australian user at Eurobriks has already tested this – we assume this would also be possible in Germany.

The second promotional period in August?

There is preliminary information that the free gift should be available again during the year, i.e. from August 2 to 14, 2022. At least Youtuber Tiago Catarino posted this information in His latest video – As a former LEGO designer and member of the LEGO Ambassador Network, his information may be accurate.

However, LEGO has not yet confirmed this for Europe or Germany and the second availability will of course also depend on the number of sets available. Because as always, this free gift also applies: only while we are out of stock.

The second promotion in August would of course be great for ordering a GWP with LEGO Knight (10305) or LEGO Galaxy Explorer (10497). However, we cannot guarantee the fact that LEGO Forest Hideout GWP (40567) will actually return in August.

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Do you have any questions about the campaign in LEGO Onlineshop Or LEGO 40567 Forest Hideout? Feel free to post it in the comments and share your thoughts with other readers. We will also be monitoring feedback until midnight and will report back as soon as the promotion starts!


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