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iPhone and iPad regain a practical advantage

iPhone and iPad regain a practical advantage
YouTube puts picture in picture back on iPhone and iPad devices. (Image source: Pixabay)

It shut down over a year ago, and is now back: YouTube is bringing the picture-in-picture feature back to iPhones and iPads. The mini player displays YouTube videos in a small window while users browse other applications. But there is one important caveat.

YouTube offers Picture-in-Picture for iPhone and iPad

In fact, YouTube had a file Picture-in-picture function for iPhone and iPad It passed more or less in April 2021. The practical feature is no longer available to new users. Now there has been a shift, because the mini-player is now officially available again (Source: YouTube on Twitter). Putting picture-in-picture is no longer called “experiment”.

Just like the Android variant, iOS and iPadOS users have an option Watch videos in a small popupWhile other applications are open. Users do not have to take any action themselves to access Picture-in-Picture mode. It is enough to start playing a YouTube video in the application. Once you switch to another app, the video continues to play in the mini player more easily.

However, an important prerequisite should ensure that the Picture-in-Picture functionality is still not available everywhere. According to YouTube, the mode is only available outside the US Paying Premium Customers to get rid of them. In the US, on the other hand, you don’t have to subscribe to YouTube Premium to watch the mini-player. Regardless of the location, at least iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 must be installed on your iPhone or iPad.

The mode has been around for a long time in this YouTube Vanced alternative:

Picture in Picture: Support iOS and Android mode

Apple already has Picture-in-Picture mode With iOS 14 It was introduced with many video apps, but only YouTube continued to block it to some extent. The Picture-in-Picture functionality has been available on Android since 2017.

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