Sea of Stars: Das Retro-Rollenspiel verschiebt sich auf 2023 – Demo geplant

As officially confirmed, the classic role-playing game “Sea of ​​Stars” will not be released this year. Instead, the project needs more development time and will therefore be pushed back to 2023.

Early in 2020, indie game developers at Sabotage Studios announced the retro role-playing game “Sea Of Stars,” which will comically be based on legendary role-playing classics like “Chrono Cross.”

Having targeted Sabotage Studios for a launch this year, the developers admitted in a recent announcement that “Sea Of Stars” still needs a little more time. Therefore, the release of the retro role-playing game can only be expected next year. In order to improve players’ waiting time a bit, Sabotage Studios says they want a playable demo version.

Development is approaching the next stage

“As we get close to a very big milestone, the path to launch is getting more and more clear. And we find ourselves with a great deal of script and our logos at the end. Keeping in mind two main priorities – the quality of life for our team and the quality of the end game – we can now confirm that Sea of ​​Stars will release in year 2023.”

“We understand that waiting is a huge challenge and would like to sincerely thank our community for the tremendous support and positive vibes. In the meantime, we are looking at options to give everyone a piece to play this year.”

More news about Sea of ​​Stars:

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“Sea of ​​Stars” will be released in 2023 for yet to be announced platforms.

More news about Sea of ​​Stars.

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