N ° 7 Toyota leads the 6-hour Monza halfway

A Toyota against an alpine, arbitrator with a clickonhaus. This is the scene for the second part of Monza at 6pm on Sunday. Conway – Kobayashi – Lopez’s No. 7 GR010 hybrid, started from the pole and was the leader after a three-hour race in Italian surroundings. With the same number of pit stops (3) as its rivals, especially following the departure of the safety car on the 71st lap, GTE AM leader Aston Martin N ° 33 in its section was punctured on the front left and debris on the track, just seconds before the Toyota n ° 36 Then directed by Matthew Waxivier. As for the American hypercar # 709, it was able to stay two seconds away following the alpine.

Less than 708 lucky, crippled by multiple mechanical issues and clocked almost 15 times. The same tough race for the Toyota n ° 8 trio of the Biomi-Nakajima-Hartley trio got the clock in 15 laps, which faced many problems with its steering, its brakes and fuel pump. New Zealanders scared by first chicken …


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