Elizabeth II, Funeral Hall Rules: No flowers, no silence for the Queen

London prepares to honor Queen Elizabeth IIwith the funeral home open from 5:00 p.m. (local time) on Wednesday 14 September through Monday 19. The Governor’s enclosed sarcophagus, located on a raised platform inside Westminster Hall at the Palace of Westminster, will be on public display for 24 hours for the duration of the event. An event that is expected to be very well attended and not only will strict safety rules be applied to it, but also the rules of conduct. The list is drawn up by the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport: from the maximum size of bags to the ban on bringing flowers, to the request for silence inside the palace, here are the rules and tips for who I want to pay tribute to Her Majesty.

After the necessary notifications regarding the planned mass participation -”Keep in mind that there will be a waiting list and it should be quite long. You will have to stand for several hours, maybe even at nightwith very few chances to be seated because the queue will be in constant motion” – so the UK government warns that visitors “will pass by Airport-style security checksWhile there will be ‘strict limits on what you can bring’.Small bags only‘, one per person, which should be ‘smaller than 40cm x 30cm x 20cm’ with ‘a simple opening or zipper so you can do a security check quickly’.

still: No to flowers or other objects (including candles, soft toys, and photographs). “These things, he explains, cannot be brought or left in the Palace of Westminster” while flowers “must be brought to the flower homage area in Green Park”.

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Then the advice on what to “remember to bring”: weather-appropriate clothing, foods and drinks that should be consumed exclusively in the waiting list, cell phone chargers, and therefore medication or other necessities.

Among the requests for etiquette to be adopted, it is also clear that there is a request for silence in front of the sarcophagus: “Please respect the dignity of this event and act appropriately – it is continuing -. You must remain silent while inside the Palace of Westminster.” In any case, “hosts and police officers will patrol the waiting list. Antisocial or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated,” under penalty of expulsion.

Finally, it is important The right dress for the occasionAnd “Do not wear clothes with political or aggressive slogans,” but also turn off the phone or put it in silent mode before entering the building and the security area, and “reduce the noise” so as not to disturb the residents. It is therefore prohibited to “photograph, photograph or use mobile phones or other devices” both in the security area and within the Palace of Westminster.


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