Tickets to win at Koundé-Coman, 2022?

In the Parc des Princes,

None to the kidneys, liver, lungs, pancreas, maxillary dyskinesia. The poor man had to give up all his organs after Dr. Crazy’s game with Kingsley Common went awry. As expected, the Bayern winger, who is available to the French team once a month on the 36th, brought Dante’s hell to Kazakhstan’s defense, and worse. Established as an overflow winger over the defensive piston, the king plowed the right path until there was no soul in front.

An essential tripler … when not injured

We counted ten overflows in the first half hour, which included a tasty centerpiece that will make you faint after half hooks. Two favors for Mbappé, it pays off almost as badly as you think.

The main character of Sherlock Commons’ beloved Watson Jules County can be included in this case. In this role of the right axis of the three-way defense, the former Bordeaux player provided unprecedented filling with Bayern Winger, who did not hesitate to launch it several times deeper in the laser passes he had not tried in a long time. When he wears the tricolor blouse his hair is wedged nicely by his sandals and his tube.

Both were qualified to take advantage of Kazakhstan coach Taikat Pasufino’s risky selection, who tightened the lines on the axis for his men and awarded them boulevards to “prevent them from getting inside the game in midfield”. Blues on the pages, Theo Hernandez offers two assists on the left. $ 100,000 Question, Now: Is this Coman straight piston option much more exciting than crossing the restrictions on the Pavard Ice Skate and the third post, but on a larger scale, can it withstand when suffering increases?

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“It depends on the balance of power”

At a press conference DD did not really pretend to believe it: “It depends on the balance of power. Today it is no longer a risky option, I imagined that we would have a lot of balls and that Kingsley would spend a lot of time in the opposite half of the field, even if Kingsley had to defend once or twice, in fact he did it better. What else. “Today, he had very good feelings. We know everything he can bring us to his center, percussion and attack field.”

Want to see this “today” form of staff’s lingering distrust of a player who has been going back and forth between the field and the hospital since coming to the exam in 2016? Or the persistent incompatibility with the gaming system of choice, as Deschamps noted in his confessional interview after the euro? A little of both, no doubt, without ever questioning the inherent qualities of Bavarian traction. We last saw his case when we interviewed Patrick Guillou, a commentator on the exploitation of the French in Germany during the September ceasefire;

“On the France team, we always have what we deserve. Compared to what he shows in his innate qualities and Bayern, he has a taste for the unfinished business of what he does with the blues. The next day, the FFF announced in a medical report that the calf was leaving the group due to discomfort.


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