China will hold a summit with Japan and South Korea as soon as possible – breaking news

China said an agreement had been reached with Japan and South Korea to hold a trilateral summit “as soon as possible.” This was reported by Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin.

South Korea is hosting senior Chinese and Japanese diplomats today in a rare meeting between the three countries, to strengthen cooperative relations and discuss the possibility of reconvening a high-level summit between China, Japan and South Korea, the South Korean Foreign Ministry said. The last of its kind was held in 2019 in the city of Chengdu, western China.

The ministry said in a statement that cooperation between South Korea, China and Japan “plays an important role not only in Northeast Asia, but also for peace, stability and prosperity in the world.” Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin also confirmed before the meeting that the three countries alone represent “20% of the world’s population and 25% of the global GDP.”

These upcoming trilateral talks are seen as an attempt to allay Beijing’s concerns about the rapprochement between Washington, Tokyo and Seoul.

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