“Only his wife and the doctor can stop him.”

The sixtieth presidential elections are scheduled to take place in the United States on November 5, and in Europe there is fear about the result, because on the one hand there is democracy. Joe BidenHe is currently in power, which raises doubts even in his party and finds a lack of interest in his voters. On the other hand, there is great arrogance from Republican Donald Trump, who is keen to return to the White House and has anti-European intentions. This was discussed on Piazzapulita, an in-depth political talk on La7, hosted by Corrado Formigli. The special guest, as often happens, is former Prime Minister Romano Prodi, who is asked to analyze the American question. Formelli asks him: “Biden’s psychological and mental stability has come into question. What do you think?” Brody He has no doubt: “American nominations are controversial and unique, in the largest democracy in the world. Biden is so determined, only his wife and his doctor can somehow stop him.”

FormigliHe then asks what future awaits us if he wins Trump card: “Donald Trump hopes that those who do not pay their dues to NATO will be attacked by Putin. Is this just a joke?” Brody is not sure: “No, it's not just a joke, it follows many similar expressions. In fact, here is the hope that Europe will end badly. He has already announced his emigration to Europe publicly in a conversation with Ursula von der Leyen.” Then Formigli asks Accordingly: “Do you think that if Trump becomes president of the United States, he will abandon NATO and leave us having to fend for ourselves?” The former president of the European Commission is sure of this: “Its tendency is this, it coincides with the great shift towards the Pacific. Trump sees NATO as a secondary fact, and yes, Europe can defend itself!

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Finally, Formelli raises these doubts: “But Europe will be able to manage on its own Put it in On us while the Middle East is on fire? Will this lead to a stronger Europe or final disintegration?” Prodi tries to inspire hope: “In theory, he can manage, because the defense budget of the twenty-seven European Union countries is much higher than the Russian defense budget, and it is much larger. As long as countries are divided, nothing matters, so what does Europe do with 27 divided countries?” A question that Brussels, after the next European elections, will have to ask themselves seriously and quickly.


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