Many emergency calls from citizens -
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On Sunday, the 26th “Ball of Fire” passed in the sky of the Norwegian capital. Several people called the police to report the incident, but there were no damages or injuries

Glow, “Ball of Fire”. On the night between Sunday 26 and Monday 27 July, the citizens of Oslo witnessed the passage of a meteor (Video), which then sank into the forests surrounding the Norwegian capital. Several calls have arrived to the police to report the incident and seek clarification, but at the moment There were no reports of damage or injuries.

He was traveling at 16 km/s

According to the local network that monitors the passage of meteorites, BBC interviewedAnd The meteor could only be seen for five seconds, and it could have traveled at a top speed of 16 km/s It can be seen in most of southern Scandinavia. Some local astronomers explained that they felt a senseThe air “moves” before the sound of a nearby explosion is heard.

Also reports from Scotland

Some experts have already started searching for Fragments of the meteorite, which can weigh several kilograms and be valuable objects for research. These fragments may have fallen in an area called Finnemarka, about 60 km west of Oslo, where the campers were, who in fact reported seeing “a blinding light during the night”. Other reports even spoke of “pressure to open windows”.. Meteorite sightings reached Scotland, where some documented the clip with video and photos.


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