This Saturday, the French women’s rugby team won most of the Test match (38-13) against New Zealand in Pau. Les Bleues has made six attempts against current world champions who are enjoying a very tough European tour.

A valuable win. One year before the Women’s Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, France’s XV beat the reigning world champions (38-13) during the first Test at the Hameau Pav Stadium on Saturday.

After a huge win in the Test against South Africa last Saturday (46-3), the French team fell to a very tough opponent this time. Black Ferns started scoring (0-3, 8th) on a penalty 20 meters from Kendra Coxsackie, but Blue’s pressure was quickly felt.

Serial Bonnet made his first attempt (11th) after an intrusion mall that collapsed in front of the New Zealand line-up. Served on a small perimeter, flat on the wing in-goal. Coxedge, on a new penalty, brought his team to the heights (14th, 7-6), replacing Caroline Drew’s test.

But as a fantastic joint move for Serial Panett’s (15th) second attempt, Blue’s superiority was emphasized. On the right wing, Gabriel Vernier found Bonnet on foot, turned the game upside down, and then the slightly confused French team banged on with a young close jacket before the break. After Drooyne failed on the second attempt, this pattern was changed (19-6).

New Zealand in bad shape

Under the eyes of Bernard LaBorte and nearly 12,000 spectators, the French women confirmed as they returned from the locker room. After a good job from the forwards, Emily Boulard had to finish with Pauline Borden’s last serve (46th). Dominated, the Black Ferns sank after a yellow card by Amy Rule (58th) thanks to Agathe Sochad (63rd) on the fifth attempt for France. After a talented mall with sixth-placed Laurel Sanchez (71st), the New Zealand video referee saved the honor late in the game with the right effort.

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The second Test between France and New Zealand will be played in Castres next Saturday. During their European tour, the Black Ferns should regain their World No. 2 status, having already suffered two major defeats against England. The Blues now have three consecutive wins against New Zealand, 30-27 in Grenoble in November 2018 and 25-16 in July 2019 during the Super Series in Sula Vista, California.


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