Did you miss 'Patti Smith: Poetry and Punk' Friday at Arte?: Documentary repeat on TV and online

On Friday (7.1.2022) the documentary “Patty Smith: Poetry and the Villain” was shown on TV. You can read all the information about the repetition online in the media library and on TV here at news.de.

Patti Smith: Poetry and the Villain in Aarti
Photo: Aarti, transmitted by FUNKE Guides

On Friday (7.1.2022) at 9:45 PM, “Patti Smith: Poetry and Punk” can be seen on TV. You can’t watch “Patti Smith: Poetry and Punk”, but you sure still want to watch it? Take a look at artMore media library. Here you will find countless TV shows that you can stream online as VOD after they are broadcast. As a rule, you will find the program in the media library after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all programs. Unfortunately, there will be no iteration on Arte in classic TV for the time being.

‘Patty Smith: Poetry and the Villain’ on TV: This is what the documentary is about

Patti Smith, who came from a religious family, moved to Manhattan at the age of twenty, where she began her career as a poet. It was more by chance that Smith got into singing and combined her lyrics with rock. In 1976, her LP “Horses” album was released, which is considered a milestone in the history of music. As the “punk godmother,” the rock singer is a cultural icon who also shaped the feminist movement with her art. (Source: Aarti, quoted by FUNKE magazines)

“Patty Smith: Poetry and the Villain” on TV: all the information back at a glance

in a: art

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year of production: 2021

Long: 55 minutes

in high definition: Yes

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