Trailer for the next license movie

The new movie has been revealed in the franchise, slated for release in 2022. Piccolo, the series’ iconic character, should be at the heart of this still top-secret feature film.

Officially released last May, the new movie Dragon Ball Super Set to take place in 2022, it was revealed a little bit at Comic-Con in San Diego. his nickname – Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero This Friday, July 23rd was revealed in a short trailer featuring Goku’s character in full training.

According to the first elements described at Comic-Con, Piccolo, the symbolic character of a licenseAkira ToriyamaIt should be in the middle of the plot. Of course we will find there the faithful Krillin, as well as a new character imagined by Toriyama himself. We still don’t know the name of this newcomer that has to be talked about a lot in the coming year.

Akira Toriyama will be heavily involved in this new movie and promises amazing fights as well as surprises: “Just like [pour Dragon Ball Super: Broly]Last May, I announced that I was deeply involved in the script and dialogues. “I should not reveal much about the plot, but I expect intense and entertaining fights, which may involve an unexpected character,” he added.

The designer added, “We will explore uncharted territory, in terms of visual aesthetics, to give audiences a great experience. I hope everyone can look forward to seeing this new movie!”

Released in 2018, Dragon Ball Super: Broly It was a hit in Japan, the United States, and France. Presence in the credits of Broly, the cult character for licensing who only appears in the anime, contributed greatly to the movie’s fame.

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