What Juan Osorio said about Catalog of Actresses on TV
Osorio gave his opinion of the Televisa catalog (Image: File)

Televisa is one of the most important Mexican television stations in the country, and a rumor that has survived for several generations is the presence of indexAnd which allegedly contain personal data of Mexican actresses. This is for the purpose of “presenting” it to others Figures from Mexican show business.

On this occasion, producer Juan Osorio decided to break the silence on this subject during an interview with the TV channel Youtube by Ines Moreno and Reveal if this famous document actually exists.

In the first place, the creator of serials such as My husband has a family a My heart is yours He noted that these kinds of controversies and stories have always existed, but that doesn’t mean they’re true.

Who knows, for example, that Mrs. Dolores del ReyOr in her house, in a room, Mr. Alex Phillips went to turn on the light, and when I asked her to give an interview, she said, “In my house and here”? Is it a legend? I mean, Dolores del Rio at the end of the road, those actresses… They are legends”She said.

There is talk on Televisa of having a catalog of actresses, although very few claim they have a sexual purpose (Photo: Capture Televisa)
There is talk on Televisa of having a catalog of actresses, although very few claim they have a sexual purpose (Photo: Capture Televisa)

In this sense, Osorio noted that because the company is subject to all kinds of controversies because it is meant for entertainment, the existence of the “catalog” was not far from the imagination.

“the television, Imagine how many stars you made, Of all the courses he has, the It would be bad for a company dedicated to entertainment not to have myths, it is that something is not working. Since they told you that they are scaring you in a forum, that is a legend.”

Osorio said it was a myth (Image: File)
Osorio said it was a myth (Image: File)

Ex-partner of Nyorca Marcos He said that famous women who want to be in a relationship don’t need a “piece of paper” as a mediator, as they just have to date the person.

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“Me personally, I’ve seen all kinds of flirting, Suddenly I saw Cristina Moreno bravely waiting to come out of the registry. love is love!

Osorio stated more deeply in the Televisa catalog: “I’ve never seen it and would have loved itHe also did not hesitate to joke that if she had been found, he would have paid a famous actress.

“The woman he died for: Fanny Kano. Now imagine her if she were in the catalog, Yes I save and sell anything‘, was sentenced.

Juan Osorio is a very popular Mexican producer (IG: juanosorio.oficial)
Juan Osorio is a very popular Mexican producer (IG: juanosorio.oficial)

It must be remembered that Osorio is not the only one who has recently spoken about this situation, because during an interview with Yordi Rosado, Luis de Llano also denied the existence of the catalog.

“She didn’t exist. There was a casting book that (Eugenio) Cobo had (CEA director) and I chose actresses to do soap operas. As for me, I didn’t know anything about it. I know that many actresses had many stories and there were many rumors, ”confirmed Luis de Lanno.

“You imagine that the producer is rotten, sitting in his office with a cigar and 20 old women waiting outside. It’s not true, the producer gets into terrible trouble, and if you do poorly in a chain, you take the train, if your novel is not as successful as it is, the train will take you.” It is a legend more than anything else.‘ repeated the TV producer.

Just like Juan Osorio, Luis de Lano said that the environment in which celebrities work is very prone to this kind of controversy.

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This myth exists and will continue to exist because people and novels live ambitiously in a dream.“, She said.

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