Los fans publicaron memes en redes sociales (Especial/Twitter).

Mexico City /

Just a few days ago Jonas Brothers They announced that they will return to Mexico in 2022 s As expected, his fans were excited and didn’t hesitate to share their happiness on social media And on December 17, tickets went on sale and memes flooded Twitter.

Many lovers brothers Joe, Kevin and Nick have taken to Twitter to post photos showing that virtual class Getting these tickets was long, as some showed that before they could buy, there were about 8 thousand people waiting for their turn.

Despite this, other Twitter users Share the memes to complain about it They did not get tickets and many others thanks to their “prayers” The Saints of the Jonas Brothers have already managed to get a ticket to see the brothers.

It will be in February when the Jonas Brothers will return to Mexico to present a remembrance of this tour that they have already toured some cities in the United States and In 2022 they will come to our country to perform at the Arena Ciudad de México At the Arena Monterrey. We leave you the best memes after concert tickets are sold out gopros.


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