He is 3 years old and the cancer is progressing and he is losing his sight.

The doctors were going to tell Vladimir put it in He would have a maximum of three years of life left by the doctors. to me reveal that it is the mirror Quoting a Russian intelligence source. The FSB officer said the 69-year-old Russian president “suffers from a severe form of cancer In rapid progress.” He added: “He does not have more than two or three years to survive.” The spy also indicated that the disease made him lose his sight.

Is Putin sick? loss of sight

“We were told he has headaches and when he appears on TV he needs pieces of paper with everything written in capital letters to read what he is going to say. It is so large that each page can only contain two sentences. His eyesight is seriously deteriorating,” the intelligence source said. Russian “and now his limbs are trembling uncontrollably.”

Meeting with Lukashenko

Last week, Putin met Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi and the camera was seen awkwardly twisting his feet as the two sat down for talks. The previous week also witnessed strange movements on television screens that led to the hypothesis that the Russian president suffers from Parkinson’s disease. And the head of Ukrainian intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, claimed that Putin “suffers from several serious diseases, one of which is cancer.”

cancer surgery

Putin’s final predictions appeared in a secret letter from a Russian spy to FSB defector Boris Karbyshkov who is now hiding from Putin’s killers in Britain. “He won’t wear glasses because it would be a sign of weakness, he used to be composed with his subordinates but now he has outbursts of uncontrolled rage. He has gone crazy and hardly trusts anyone.

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And reports last week, citing sources in the Kremlin, said Putin underwent surgery 14 days ago. Christopher Steele, a former Russian official with MI6, said Putin could not hold treatment meetings without interruption. “He is constantly accompanied by a team of doctors.”


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