III FIFA U-23 World Cup: Rain delays Cuba's debut

The match was suspended due to rain. Photo: Boris Luis Cabrera / Cubadepat.

Heavy rain over Obregon prevented the teams of Cuba and the Dominican Republic from making their first appearances on Thursday. In the third baseball world cup sub-23 category.

When the ground rules had already been discussed at Yaquis Stadium and everything was ready for the sound of “play the ball”, the rain appeared and after a long wait there was no choice but to suspend the challenge.

Nature has been wise and has not allowed injustice since then Quito’s staff barely had 12 players For that game due to visa issues with the rest of the team he made a lineup without a designated hitter and the bowler acted as the catcher.

On the other hand, the boys of Earl Sanchez, after a long 23-hour flight to the headquarters the day before, could not do a very initial training because they were exhausted.

The match should be played next Tuesday, a day off in the calendar for these suspensions.

This Friday at 10:30 p.m., the Antilles will once again take to the Yaquis de Obregón Arena To face the Mexican host, the current champions of this class.


While this was happening in key A, in key B, the Nicaraguan team lShe recorded her first success in the event by defeating South Korea 6-4.

The winning Pan American playoff team that was selected by the World Baseball and Softball Federation as the best team last year, He had a great hero on this day: Luis Montalto.

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The defending and jumping fifth player showed his beauty by driving in five of his team’s six runs, hitting his home turf with one on board until the actions in the sixth inning, and then hitting the run later with a packed pads cleaning tube to give the ultimate makeover to the scoreboard.

The talented Leonardo Crawford made four pure rounds but was diluted by Wilfredo Miranda. Who won by retiring from his opponent at the end of the sixth game, just minutes before his team advanced on the board.

The defeat also went to Seungwoo Ju .’s fire extinguisher By supporting three touchdowns with just one hit, but he paid dearly for his lack of control by giving him three runs in that round.

in the morning shift Chinese Taipei (Group A) and Colombia (Group B) came safely in their first appearances in this cup.

Asians liquidated 7 races to 0 for some Germans who have a lot of debt in the sport, who also were unable to train because they were quarantined in their hotel before COVID-19 emerged in their ranks.

The third baseman led Wen Hsien Chang in a pair of runs with one stroke of two rackets., Jen-Ching Shen was set perfectly at 2-2, while Chen-Tso Tseng and Wen-Han Chang, the top two men in the lineup, went 3-1 each with one RBI share per head.

Zhong Zhuang-Chen spaced out six hits in five rounds while hitting nine opponents with powerful fastballs to take the win and Titus von Kapf attacked a backhand in a failed start of just 1.2 rounds where he gave up three rounds, allowing a pair of hits with an equal number of runs gained.

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At the Sonora Stadium in Hermosillo, The coffee growers only had four songs but they beat the Panamanians 7-1He was helped by the mistakes of his opponents and the lack of control of the relief shooters.

Elkin Alcala The bowler, with 17 wins in the minor league, walked the entire route at five strokes without giving up tickets And he fists his opponents’ hand to score his first success in fencing.

The loss went to the records of rookie Meliton Reyes, Who couldn’t complete the second episode after enduring three runs, two of them sloppy.
Outfieler player Jesus Mariaga was the only one in the challenge who was able to score a pair of hits, valid to push two of his teammates to the plate.

The only Panamanian run came from the wrists of Joshwan Wright (Auckland Athletics) The ball also disappeared over the left fence and opened the fourth game.

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