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(ANSA) – BOGOTO, Oct. 29 – The ombudsman of the Norte de Santander Department of Colombia, announced that the coca growers who besieged and besieged two days ago, in a kind of kidnapping, 180 soldiers from the 2nd Division were released yesterday. This was reported by Radio Bleu in Bogota.

The initiative, announced by the Tipu Peasants’ Associations in the Catatumbo region, indicated that it decided to ban soldiers belonging to six military factions, in protest of the excessive rigor in the process of uprooting coca leaves from farms in the region. But now, as you know, they have agreed to quit their job.

The Office of the Ombudsman, for its part, has confirmed that it intends to act as a guarantor of a possible dialogue between farmers and municipal, administrative and national authorities, to define a plan for the “gradual” uprooting of coca leaves.

He explained that the program should go hand in hand with the agricultural substitution initiative to improve the living conditions of the local population. (Dealing).

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