Der Open-Source-Video-Editor KidnLifePrimarily known to users of the free Linux and BSD operating systems, but also available for Windows, it is now also ported to macOS. The free tool is available at GNU GPLv3 It has now debuted as a “night version” of Apple’s operating system.

Kdenlive stands for “KDE Non-Linear Video Editor” and is also known as “KDE Non-Linear Video Editor” among German-speaking users who use the open source video editing software in most cases in Linux. The software is derived from the KDE project, which is also responsible for the KDE Plasma desktop environment. KDE eV explains the powerful app’s feature set in a video of about three and a half minutes.

With version 0.9.10 there is a “night build” for macOS for the first time, but it’s still built for x86 architecture and cannot run natively on an M1 processor. Deflection via binary translation x86-64 Rashid 2 So it cannot be avoided yet.

As usual in “Nightly”, there are also some bugs in macOS version 0.9.10.

Kdenlive 0.9.10 for macOS – Known Issues
  • By default, mac style is used instead of the recommended dark breeze style for Kdenlive (you can change the style in the settings menu)
  • The layout switcher is not visible due to the use of a native menu bar on Mac. You can still switch the layout from the View menu (BUG 441033)

About 110 MB Apple Disk Image KidnLife 0.9.10 Build 913 (DMG) It can now be downloaded and tested. The developers have already announced builds 914 and 915.

More information is provided by the administrator Stored From Kdenlive and project page On the GitHub developer platform.

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The KDE project celebrates its 25th birthday

To celebrate his 25th birthday and as a tribute to the German computer scientist and KDE initiator Matthias Etrich The project posted the “25th Anniversary Edition” video on YouTube, which takes a journey through all the eras of desktop computers.

The editorial team thanks community member “moonwalker99”, who also opened a thread on the topic in the ComputerBase forum, for pointing this out.


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